Art Center Reformation


The Lost Pines Art League will be restoring and repurposing the historic Powell Cotton Seed Mill on Chestnut Street in Bastrop, TX. This will be a permanent transformation for a gallery with two teaching rooms, four silos that will be used for individual art mediums of glass, pottery, wood and metal and then an apartment for an artist in residence. This Lost Pines Art Center will not only enhance a growing artistic endeavor but will enhance the quality of life in the Bastrop area.



We would like to let you know how you might help.  A financial gift from you - no matter the amount -  would help to insure the success of our ongoing mission to share high quality artistic experiences with adults and students who have limited financial means.  Additionally, we would like to invite you, yourself, to consider becoming a member of the Lost Pines Art League.  Take a look at our website often because as we take possession of the new Lost Pines Art Center later this fall, we will begin to offer many new classes, lectures, and other opportunities to learn about and appreciate a wide array of artistic expressions.     ALSO


If you would like to be a part of this extraordinary project, please donate using our paypal account. In appreciation of your donation you may be eligible to receive original art or fine art prints, commemorative art and your participation will be permanently recognized in the walkways and halls of the new Lost Pines Art Center.