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Lost Pines Art League -  Board of Directors

  • President: Michelle Adams

  • Vice President: Karol Rice

  • Treasurer: Jeanette Condray

  • Secretary: CJ Jordan

  • Parliamentarian: Marlene Outlaw

  • Director:  Ann Brown
  • Director:  Paul Licce

  • Director:  Jane Hunt


Lost Pines Art Center

  • Executive Director:  Patricia Rendulic
  • Project Director:  Karol Rice

  • Project Finance Director:  Jeanette Condray


Committee Chairs - 


  • Membership Programs:  Lea Cundy
  • Advertising/Marketing/PR:

                    Social Media -

                                                  Facebook:  Lea Cundy, Ann Brown, Patricia Rendulic 

                                                  Twitter - Maria Hohenstein 

                                                  Instagram - Patricia Rendulic, Dell Faubus

                                                  Website and Public Relations -  Mark Rendulic (web), Patricia Rendulic (PR)

  • Member Artwork Hanging: John Schaeffer
  • Membership Training:  Jeanete Condray,Sandi Hardi, Paul Licce
  • Fundraising: Karol Rice
  • Featured Artist - Jeanette Condray
  • Gift Gallery - "Sparky" Martha Sparkman
  • East Gallery - (juried) Patricia Rendulic, Sharon Bibbee
  • Kindness- June Minix
  • Salinas - CJ Jordan and Vicki Wofford
  • Classes / Workshops - Patricia Rendulic (Kids classes - Vicki Wofford / Lea "Blue" Cundy)

Events -

  • Artful Afternoon Gala:  Karol Rice and Jeanette Condray
  • Lost Pines Regional Arts Conference - Ann Brown 
  • 3rd Saturday - Maria Montoya-Hohenstein, Susan Raine, Mark Rendulic