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  • Bastrop Fine Arts History


    A handful of local artists came together to form an art group with the purpose of providing “mutual aid and promotion of local artists in this community, and to encourage cultural interest in and appreciation of fine art.”  They named their group the Bastrop Fine Arts Guild.


    At first, these meetings were for discussing art techniques and art appreciation overall.  After some time, a relative of one of the members offered some hallway space in a downtown historic building to display and sell artwork.  Over the years as the membership grew and grew, the Bastrop Fine Arts Guild obtained additional space and rooms for hosting featured artist monthly events and for teaching art to community children and adults.


    This was where the Bastrop Fine Arts Guild remained for many years.  The membership kept growing and in 2006 became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and the need for a larger facility became apparent.  The Guild started funding for its own facility which could expand the teaching, showing, and appreciation for art in the region.  But, it was apparent a transitional location was needed, until land and funding to build the Regional Art Center could be obtained.  In 2011 it rented its current location at 815 Main Street in Bastrop.  It has a large gallery and displays/sells artwork of over 100 of its members.  Members volunteer their time to docent the gallery and it is open every Tuesday through Sunday.  With a diverse set of artists, there are various art classes available to small groups of students and adults.  Programs are conducted at membership meetings to include art business related topics and techniques.  As additional support for the arts, every month an artist is featured and given tips and techniques for running a solo show.  The Guild also hosts several festivals throughout the year.  And, it provides scholarships to promising graduating high school art students.


    A little over 5 years ago, land was purchased and it started the plans for the Lost Pines Regional Art Center.  The foundation was poured in the early hours of March 5, 2016.  Please follow our progress. 

    Guild Founders:

    • Ruth Ortiz
    • Greg Warner
    • Juanita Moreland
    • Gail Schiavone
    • Jo Castillo
    • Mike Casey
    • Willie Schlickeisen
    • Lea "Blue" Cundy